Culture Tour - Mamba-Marangu

Mamba and Marangu are within 3 km of each other and the participating lodges in the area have worked together to establish activities for their visitors. Magnificent views of valleys and waterfalls offer great entertainment for nature lovers and birdwatchers. With more than seven waterfalls in the vicinity one can spend a whole day enjoying the picture postcard views. Walking tours will provide excellent views overlooking the area including points where the lights of Nairobi can bee seen at night.

Walking in Marangu VillageMamba : A morning visit to the ancient sites in the Makundi area recalls clan wars and historic legends. You can enter the Laka Holes, large hiding caves which where used to protect women and children during the Maasai-Chagga wars. Visitors will actually get to see blacksmiths who still use traditional methods to prepare spears and tools used by Maasai people today. A local woodcarving school allows visitors to meet a skilled teacher who is one of the oldest active members within the community.

Marangu : Mountain climbing enthusiasts will be delighted to visit the home and memorial of the late Yohano Lauwo, a Marangu native who accompanied Dr. Hans Meyer on the first recorded climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro in 1889. He lived for astonishing 124 years and guided treks up the mountain at the age of 70 years. Walking tours through Marangu also offer breathtaking scenery. You can visit Kinukamori, Moongo or Mteshani waterfall depending n your physical condition. You can learn more about the Chagga culture by visiting a traditional Chagga house with straw roof. You can walk through the Chief Mangi area where the first court and primary school of the northern region are still functioning. At the Kilema Roman-Catholic mission, you can see the first coffee tree planted in Tanzania by an Irish missionary 100 years ago. Kilimanjaro area is one of the leading coffee producers in the country. A light climb up Ngangu Hill with its fantastic view is a pleasure. On clear days the snow of Kibo peak is so close, the plains so wide and the Pare Mountains close enough to grab.

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